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The History of Origin and Creation of the Order

The original mastermind of the Origin’s Creation and its maha-acharya is mahayogi Pilot Baba (Somnath Giri Maharaj).

The founder (acharya) of the Order is mahamandaleshwar Swami Vishnudevananda Giri. 

The Order has been created during the latest 6 years, starting from Kumbha Mela in Allahabad (February 2013) until the Conference ‘Word Peace Campaign’ in Delhi (4th of August 2019).

During this period regular meetings and councils between mahamandaleshwar Pilot Babaji with Swami Vishnudevananda Giri were held, along with the other Advaita Masters and followers in Europe, where suggestions on the need of creating the Order for European spiritual seekers were discussed.

 Aims of Creating the International Advaita Order

The International Order of Advaita (IOA)  aims to help in achieving happiness for all sentient beings through the transmission of spiritual wisdom, based on Sanatana Dharma, Advaita Vedanta teaching and the union of all religions. 

More specific goals of IOA are the following: 

– dissemination of non-dual teachings of Advaita Vedanta in the tradition of Sri Sankaracharya and other saints;

– uniting in a free voluntary Association of Masters living in Europe and around the world, as well as spiritual seekers of Liberation and Enlightenment on the path of Advaita;

– coordinating the efforts of Advaita teachers, Masters, mentors working in countries with European culture to more effectively disseminate the philosophy and culture of Dharma.

The Ideology of IOA

The Order seeks to show the attractive image of Sanatana Dharma, Advaita abroad, answering the requirements of the third-millennium generation, living in Europe, Eurasia, America. Such image comes in harmony with the European mentality and includes such traditional principles as:

– high ethics;

– high spiritual culture;

– high spirituality;

– ecological lifestyle.

What is the Advaita Order?

IOA is an international spiritually-religious association of spiritual and religious leaders, teachers, masters following Advaita tradition, along with their disciples: communities, ashrams, pupils, etc. The following association is declared as free, voluntary, open for performance of any people of goodwill, high ethics, sharing the philosophy of Advaita.

The association does not seek any commercial, political or any other similar goals, not concerning the spiritual culture of Advaita Vedanta. 

Who is United by IOA?

The Order unites Masters (Gurus) living in European countries, Masters-mentors, monks (sannyasi) and  и laymen (karma-sannyasi, grihastha), following the nondual Eastern religious traditions of different types, relating to Advaita:

– Traditional Advaita Vedanta,

– Neo-Advaita,

– Shaivism,

– Neo-Shaivism,

– Traditional Tantrism,

– Buddhism, Sufism, etc. directions and traditions, ready to participate in the activities of the Order for the benefit of the world and all living beings.

Also, the Order unites all enlightened wise and authoritative people of the planet who want to change the world for the better and help humanity in its evolution, the direction to God-manhood and God-civilization.

What are the Powers of the Order?

– Attestation of Advaita teachers and assignment of statuses,

– the assignment of titles and honorary titles,

– conducting ceremonies and initiations for spiritual seekers,

– the establishment of Advaita Ashrams,

– construction of temples, Dharma centers, retreat centers, monasteries, ashrams,

– conducting international congresses and festivals of Advaita,

– representation at international religious meetings.

In What Status is it Possible to Join the Order and Stay in It?

Joining the Order is possible in the following statuses:

– Mahamandaleshwar (mandaleshwar), mahant, in case if such status was already appropriated in other organizations;

– head of community, Ashram or yoga group;

– separate Master, mentor, teacher of Advaita Vedanta;

– yoga teacher;

– separate independent sadhu, sannyasi (monk), spiritual seeker (layman).

The main condition is the willingness to embody the ideals of the Order in one’s life, service, to share the teachings of Advaita, ethics and principles of the Order, based on the traditions of Sanatana Dharma and combined with a high spiritual universal ethics and culture.

The Order’s Structure

The Order is headed by the Religious Unit of Spiritual Leaders (Dharma Parishad) with the status of mahamandaleshwar and mandaleshwar, acharya, Guru, spiritual teachers and Advaita masters. 

Current and administrative cases are in charge of the Mahants Council (the Order’s Administration).  

On the level of separate spiritual families, the Order includes Masters, Ashrams and their communities. Every Community headed by a Master, Order’s participant, is a separate and independent spiritual family. The Order may include up to 108 of such families. The family, entering the Order, shares the teachings of Advaita, the general culture and ethics of the Order, respects its hierarchy, although stays absolutely autonomous and independent, living due to its own internal principles, not regulated by the Order. 

The order has two wings (Monastic and Secular), as well as several branches.

Individual followers in the status of sannyasi-monastic wing of the Order.

Individual followers in the status of karma-sannyasi, grihastha, spiritual seekers-the secular wing of the Order.

What is the meaning of being an IOA Member?

Entering the Order, each and everyone has a right to:

– distribute the information about yourself and your organization;

– speak at its meetings, conferences, festivals and any other mass events;

– participate in pilgrimages conducted by the Order;

– take part in events organized by the Order;

– pass certification and receive statuses in the Order according to its rules;

– receive spiritual, informational, religious, social and organizational support from the administration of the Order;

– to deliver spiritual sermons, lectures, seminars, satsangs (in coordination with the administration of the Order) on behalf of the Order, using its name, its status in it, symbols, attributes, etc.;

–  wear the insignia of the Order and the titles conferred in the order.

The Order’s Meeting is held once a year at the Main Conference.

Order’s Member Mission is to follow the Dharma and to do one's work in the development of Dharma.

Events of the Order

10 of October Year of 2019

 A solemn ceremony was held upon entering the Order.  A   ritual  of  invocation    of the  Blessings of   parampara   lineage  of the saints  and Sri Adi  Sankaracharya  took place.  A  Declaration  of International Order of Advaita  was signed.

Conference   of     IOA

2 of   November Year of   2019

As part of Congress of Advaita in Austria there will be an Open Conference of the International Order of Advaita.

Thalheim 22 | 3141 Kapelln, Austria

Brief agenda of the day of the Conference:

1. Introduction of  the Declaration of  “ International  Order of Advaita of St. Sri Sankaracharya”

2. Ritual of  sanctification  of  the  organization  

3. Discussion  of  bylaw  of the Order and issues of cooperation by the members of the Order

4. Discussion of  teaching of Advaita in the context of European culture

5. Discussion of the role  of teachings  of Advaita and other nondual teachings (Buddhism , Jainism ,i.e.)  in the act to strengthen  spirit of friendship and unity  of all religions

6. Signing   the Declaration   about  entering the International Order by new

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